Using Feng Shui principles when buying or
selling a house can make the process
smoother and more enjoyable!
What is Feng Shui?

Funny name, but serious stuff! In modern times, Albert Einstein proved that matter (people,
houses, trees, etc.) is an illusion -- a masked form of energy. Energy all connecting and
intertwining. Yet over 6000 years ago, the Chinese were already aware of this. They knew
everything was intertwined and when things were in balance, it increased the likelihood of better
health, wealth and relationships within an environment.

Feng Shui (pronounced fung schway) literally translates to "wind and water". It is an ancient
Chinese practice that uses the five basic elements (fire, earth, metal, water and wood) to create
balance between time and space in an environment. A place where the energy of the wind rests in
the water.

Applying the teachings of feng shui can help house hunters find the ideal home and help house
sellers close the deal quicker!
Using Feng Shui to Buy a Home

Have you ever walked into a house and felt instantly "at ease" or "on edge"? Different places have
different energies.  Different people have different energies.

When buying a new home to live in, you want to pick a house that is most compatible to the family
provider. How do you know without going to see everything available?  It's easy with feng shui.
You will be able to quickly determine which homes "work" and which don't. Utilizing feng shui
saves you a
LOT of time searching for your new home!
Using Feng Shui to Sell a Home
Have you ever walked into a room with the back of the sofa towards you? Chances are you kept
on walking to the next room because that first room did not feel welcoming.  

According to feng shui, the sofa was blocking the energy to the room, and that's why you kept on
walking. Furniture placement, color choices, plant locations and lighting are all part of feng shui
staging. When done correctly, the house will feel inviting, enticing potential buyers to look longer,
and bring you an offer sooner.
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