The sale of your home is one of the largest financial and emotional decisions of your life. Who will
you trust to work with you?

  • Kathy knows what sellers experience when their house is for sale.

  • Kathy works hard to obtain the results you want while looking out for your best interests
    every step of the way.

  • Kathy helps you prepare your house to compete, effectively markets the property, arranges
    showings, negotiates offers and closes the sale—while watching out for your best
    interests every step of the way.

  • Your satisfaction is Kathy's top priority!
HOW to sell a house depends on WHY you want (or need) to SELL:

Full Brokerage Service:
This is the option for people who want the largest profit, and can wait 30-90 days or more to close.

For Sale By Owner Assistance:
Click link above for FREE step-by-step assistance.

Avoiding Foreclosure Service:
If you are 2-4 months behind in payments you could be facing foreclosure. However, you do have
Kathy's expertise in negotiating with mortgage companies is the answer!
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What to expect when selling your house:

It's a little bit more than cleaning up the house. Click above to learn how Kathy helps you.

Learn how to ensure you get showings and make them matter by clicking above.

It's more than just the price that matters. Click above for some other tips that make a big
difference in the net sales proceeds.

Click above to learn what it is, how long it lasts, and what you need to be prepared for.

So you want to sell your house? There's a lot more to it than picking a price and planting a sign in
the front yard. It takes a lot of time, focus . . . and yes, it can be stressful without someone in your
corner. Kathy deals with the stress and problems, so you don't have to!  

Below is an outline of how Kathy works with you to sell your house quickly and at top dollar, as well
as different options she offers to get your home sold. Kathy works hard, is honest with you, keeps
in contact with you and alway practices the golden rule.
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