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Boutique Items
All customized with YOUR Pet's Photo!
Tote Bag
Taking Fido out to the beach?  
This large (14" x 19") sturdy white
canvas bag with navy blue bottom
and straps gives you plenty of
room to bring essentials.  Your
pet's image is placed on the front
pocket and is about 5" x 7".  
Note:  Image is good, but not as
accurate as prints.
At your next BBQ, people will admire
your cooking and your beloved pet,
when you wear this machine-washable
apron made of 50/50 cotton polyester
blend with heavy-duty stitching.  The
apron is around 33 inches from top to
bottom edge.  Note:  Image is good,
but not as accurate as photographic
Photo Art Cards with Envelopes
Photo of your pet is featured on these 5 x 7 folded cards
with envelopes. Available in sets of 10.
Get the conversation started over drinks with high quality
coasters featuring your pet's photograph!
Coffee Mug
Start each day seeing your beloved
pet, with this 11" (white or black)
ceramic coffee cup. Microwave and
dishwasher safe.  
Note: Image is good,
but not as rich as photographic
Mouse Pad    
Keep your pet nearby with this easy to
clean mouse pad (9" x 7.75") that
allows your mouse to move.  It's made
of high-density neoprene with a stain
resistant finish on its linen cover. Note:
Color reproduction may not be as
accurate as hard-surface gifts.  
Photo Key Tag
Wherever you go, your pet is with you, if
only in image, on this 1.75" x 2.25" key tag
with rounded corners.  Comes with plastic
loop to attach to your key ring.  Note: Key
Tags have good color reproduction, but
not as accurate as photographic prints.
WHEN TO ORDER Your Customized
After the photo shoot, you will be emailed a link to your private
online photograph, you are then sent a private secure link to
purchase any products shown below (much more is also
available!) custom made with your favorite pet photograph!  All
using secure PayPal.
(Sales tax, shipping/delivery charges not included. Prices subject to change without notice.)
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