Memory Blanket
Wrap yourself up on a chilly day
with this 54" x 70" throw blanket
featuring your pet's image.  
Made of 100% durable cotton.
What a great way to pass down
your memories of your beloved
pet from one generation to the
All customized with YOUR Pet's Photo!
Keepsake Box
A perfect place to keep mementos
of your pet is in the soft and
velvety cream-colored interior of
this solid wood keepsake box (5.5"
x 5.5" x 2.25"). It's cherry finish is
polished to a gorgeous shine and
your pet's image is printed on a
ceramic tile then inlaid on top of
the box.
FUN Pet Puzzle
A puzzle created out of your pet's
photo. It is 252 pieces of
challenging fun and has a glossy
finish, to look like the photo when
completed. The puzzle comes in a
sturdy black box with the sample
photo on top.
Easel-Back Portrait
Keep your favorite pet in sight all
day with this 5 x 7 hardwood,
easel-back, photo placed on your
desk. Brilliant color reproduction
on hardwood panels that are highly
resistant to ultraviolet rays, scuffs,
scratches, water and fading.
After the photo shoot, you will be emailed a link to a private line gallery
of your pet's photos. Once you have selected your favorite pet
photographs, you can then select any or all of the products custom
made with your favorite pet photograph directly from the gallery!  
All using secure PayPal.
Sales Tax, shipping/delivery not included. Prices subject to change without notice.
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Ready to schedule
your pet's photo shoot?
Please contact us to schedule your date. After we speak, you'll be emailed a
secure link to pay the creative fee which confirms your pet's photo shoot
Mahogany Desk Organizer
(no photo available)
Beautiful desk organizer, made of solid mahogany with inlaid ceramic
tile on the front of the organizer featuring your pet's photograph.
Three sections
to hold your pens, pencils and other office items. $49.95
Feather and Fur
The Pet Photographers