Frequently Asked Questions
Why is the company named “Feather and Fur”?
So many pet photographers focus only on dogs, or dogs and cats, we wanted to be sure to express that we photograph any feathered or furry pet . . . and, if
requested, even some scaly skinned pets, like Iguanas or other lizards.

How long have you been doing pet photography?
Our primary photographer, Kathy MacKenzie, began photographing pets as a child. In 1990 she began Kards by Kathy using photography of pets and wild animals (as
well as scenery) on greeting cards and posters. Because Kathy derived so much more joy from the animals, Feather and Fur Photography was born.

How is Feather and Fur different from other pet photographers?
Feather and Fur Photography is different from most pet photographers in five ways:

1-We only photograph pets!
Many 'pet photographers' also do weddings, graduations, etc. We photograph animals (OK, maybe an occasional pet owner gets in some shots). Animals are our only
true subjects.

2-Most Pets are welcome!
Feather and Fur does not limit the service to dogs and/or cats. We work with any feathered or furry pet you have, including dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, gerbils,
rabbits, goats, horses or even pot-bellied pigs! (Sorry, no reptiles.)

3-We come to you!  
Feather and Fur saves you time and hassle. OK, most dogs love rides. But let’s face it, does your cat like car rides? Ours hate it, and usually show it by producing
bodily fluids in the car. Or, how can you even transport your pet goat, exotic large bird, camel or championship horse to a studio without a lot of hassle? Forget it.
Feather and Fur saves you time and hassle. We come to you, to capture your pet in his/her natural environment.

4-More Choices!  
Like other photographers, Feather and Fur offers digital images, beautiful prints and gallery wraps . . . but that's just the beginning! How about a metallic print? A
blanket? A cherry wood keepsake box? Be sure to check out all the choices Feather and Fur Photography offers to keep your cherished pet's image with you forever.

5-Natural Environment = True Pet Personality!
Feather and Fur prevents your cherished pet from enduring unneeded stress that results from being in unfamiliar surroundings. Because your pet is comfortable, this
results in photographs capturing his/her true personality!

Why doesn't Feather and Fur have a studio?
Whether or not your pet likes to travel, bringing it to a new environment (studio), creates three problems:

1-Unnecessary Stress. When an animal is introduced into a strange and new environment, it is natural for the breathing and heart rate to become elevated. The
pet must investigate the new environment to determine if it is safe before its heart beat and breathing return close to normal.

2-Longer waiting time needed. When your pet is brought into a strange environment (the studio), it is on guard. Only time will help them relax, which means
time spent waiting and waiting and waiting . . . and waiting.

3-Unnatural results. Even if your pet does adjust quickly, the truth is, studio shots will never completely capture your pets’ true personality, because he/she is
at least a little on guard.

Can you tell me a little more about your photography sessions?
Our goal is simple: capture your pet's true essence, spirit and personality in photographic images . . . while everyone involved has FUN!

We come to your home and use simple tools and natural light. Your home and yard is used as the backdrop.  

Sessions take between 30-60 minutes. We never look at our watch. In fact, we don't wear one. Our main goal is to have the best possible images we can get of your
pet. If we need to stay longer, we will gladly do so without charging any overtime fees (it is up to your photographer to decide whether they have the shots they
came for or not).

After your session, we get to work meticulously fine-tuning all the photos. Within 7-10 days you will be sent the 7 fully edited low-res images of photographer's
'pick,' (perfect for sharing across the Internet with your friends and family) along with a link to your online private gallery featuring the many images taken of your

After you select the images and products you want from your on-line secure gallery (you will be sent a link to your private gallery via email), it takes between 2-3
weeks to receive your beautiful prints and products in the mail.

What’s the process leading up to the Photo Shoot?
Step 1:  Click on the "Ready to schedule your pet's photo shoot" form found throughout this website to choose your preferred appointment time.

Step 2:  You will be contacted by phone with details about your pet's photo shoot. Afterwards, you will be sent a secure online link using paypal for payment of the
creative fee. No appointments are confirmed until the creative fee is received. (Due to limited availability, dates go fast).

Step 3: Think about what you want as a result of the photo shoot. What type of photograph? Browse through the many products (all can be found on this website)
that can be custom ordered with your pet's image. Perhaps a memory blanket to wrap yourself in? A cherry wood keepsake box to keep tags or other mementos in?
A ceramic tile for your pet's final resting place? Write down any questions you have, that you haven't found answered on the website.

Step 4: The day of the shoot, be sure your pet has been fed and had some exercise prior to the photographer's arrival.

Step 5: Meet your photographer in your home to discuss your goals for the shoot, and have all of your questions answered. A plan is created for the photo shoot
while the photographer bonds with your pet.

Step 6:  Lights. Camera. Action! Our photographer comes to your home, plays with and photographs your pet, while having lots of fun. You are welcome, and
encouraged, to participate in the photo shoot, getting your pet's attention, playing, and just having a good time!

What happens after the Photo Shoot?
Within a Few Days: After every shoot, we always have one or two favorite images. From time to time we may post these on our blog or on Facebook.

Within 7-10 days after your photo shoot: You'll receive a link (via email) to your private webpage enabling you to view the gallery of your pet's photos.

For Four Weeks: Your private gallery remains online for 30 days. During that time enjoy looking at all the wonderful photos, but remember,the sooner you narrow
down which images you like best and which prints or products you want those images on, the sooner you'll be holding them in your hands! All ordering is done
securely online, so you can make your selection at your convenience while wearing your jammies!

Three Weeks: Once your order is received, your prints and products will be created, and then shipped to you. Typically you'll receive them in 3 weeks (or less)
upon receipt of your order. Your order is shipped directly to you to save time. After you've ripped open the packaging, we know you'll be thrilled with your
investment. Hug your pet. Show them their new portraits, tell your neighbors, and then...

Forever After:  Hang, admire, and treasure your pet's photographs . . . for the rest of your life.

Where do the shoots take place?
We come to your home. We have a great eye for backgrounds that work well in photos, whether it’s inside your home or out in your yard or your sprawling pasture.
Wherever your pet spends the most time and is happiest and feels most comfortable, that’s where it’s best for the photo shoot to capture your pet’s true personality.

What should I do to prepare my pet?
It’s always a good idea to feed Fido, Fluffy, Polly or Mr. Ed and take him on a quick walk before your session so he’s relaxed and ready for his close up. But be
open-minded: if he’s not in the mood to roll over or shake hands, that's OK. Sleeping pets often make for great photographs.

How will you handle my pet? How involved do I get to be in the shoot?
Your photographer will work with your pet directly but your help may be necessary as well. That may mean standing next to your photographer making silly noises
or shaking funny toys.

What is the investment for a Pet Portrait session in my home?
All the work we do is on location, that means at your home, on your property, or a pre-arranged location. The Creative Photo Session Fee, $99, is for the
photographer's time, talent and travel expenses; preparing photographs and establishing your private online gallery. This fee applies to all sessions within our

Why bother with the consultation?
That's a great question!  "A happy camper is a prepared camper". Because you are investing both time and money into the process of custom pet photography,
doesn't it make sense to be prepared? Of course!  

This is done by discussing the types of photos you’re looking for, learning about your pet’s quirks and different sides to their personality (the consultation). We get to
know your pet better. We’ll also discuss what prints and products you want to purchase afterwards. When you enter into the shoot already having a good idea of
what you’d like to do with the images afterward, it helps make the process easier. We might get detail shots to go make into a challenging puzzle, one big happy
smiley face shot for a large canvas, a series of funny faces for a wall grouping of same-sized prints, a striking profile shot in front of a richly-colored wall for note
cards, or all of the above! Knowing the end uses of the photographs, really helps us to provide you with exactly what you want.

Each consultation is included in the creative fee, and takes place at the start of your photo shoot.

My pet is a bit wild.  Is this a deal-breaker for photography?
No! All animals are different when it comes to behavior. We’ve been working with domestic and wild animals for years. We've been jumped on, knocked down, peed
on, bitten, hissed at, scratched, licked and slobbered on, just to name a few. We expect it. Our only request is the pet owner be present throughout the entire photo

The only exception would be if your pet has serious aggression issues. They probably won’t tolerate the photo shoot experience, and quality photos would not result.
If you are in doubt, contact us.

I have multiple pets.  Is that OK?
In a word, YES!  Up to 2 pets are included in the creative fee. Additional pets can be included, at $50 per pet. We'll get some great shots of each of your pets.

Are shoots available year-round?
You bet! We come to your home.

What happens if it’s raining or sleeting outside?
Because we work with natural light, we may need to reschedule if your home's interior is too dark. The photographer will make the decision. A rescheduling fee will
not apply.

Can I be in the photo with my pet?
Yes, however, the focus will be on your pet, not you. Feather and Fur Photography is happy to photograph the entire family in candid, relaxed styles. (Note: to
protect your privacy, none of these style of photographs ever get posted on our blogs or facebook).  If you are looking for a portrait-type, studio produced
photograph, Feather & Fur Photography is not the best fit. We’ll happily recommend you to someone who does that. If you want to capture your pet’s personality in
their natural environment with you in the photo as well...we can do that!

What if I need to reschedule or cancel the photo shoot?
Life happens. We know.  

Rescheduling: If your sitting is rescheduled at least 72 hours in advance, no worries, no fees.  If less than 72 hours notice, there is a $25 rescheduling fee.  

Cancellation: Should you need to cancel, and give us written notice (email works fine) at least 72 hours in advance, we will return your creative fee, less a $50
cancellation fee. Unfortunately, if cancellation notices are received with less than 72 hours advance notice of the scheduled appointment, there are no refunds.  

I have a question not answered here.
No problem, just send us a note (put in comments). We’ll respond within 48 hours. We look forward to meeting you and your feathered and/or furry family members
Feather and Fur
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